Stefan Hertmans

In 2019, the prestigious 'Constantijn Huygens' prize was awarded to Stefan Hertmans. This is the most important literary prize in the Dutch and Flemish languages.
More information on his work and translations in Bulgarian on our pages Projects and Literature.


Archaeologists discover ‘Monumental’ Roman Era tomb of Thracian aristocrat in Bulgaria’s largest burial mound Archaeology in Bulgaria reports.


Archaeologists may have discovered ancient Thracian, Roman town Scaptopara, precursor of Bulgaria’s Blagoevgrad, Archaeology in Bulgaria reports.

The European Voyage: Exposition of modern Bulgarian art in Pulchri Studio, The Hague

During the first half of 2018, Bulgaria chaired the EU for the first time. To this occasion Pulchri Studio, in cooperation with the Association Netherlands - Bulgaria and the Foundation for Eastern European Projects (STOEP), organised an exhibition of Bulgarian artists. During the three weeks of the exposition some events were organised, including an evening with discussion on the theme Europe and the role of Bulgaria in it.
Four Bulgarian artists who work in The Netherlands showed their work: Kantcho Kanev, Radina Dankova, Rada Yakova and Tchavdar Iliev.
Besides, paintings were shown from the collection of the Dutch art collector Tjapko Jager by the Bulgarian artists Svetlin Rusev, Stanislav Pamukchiev, Nikolaj Majstorov, Ivailo Mirchev, Jordan Katsamunski, Emil Popov, Rumen Skorchev and Marina Marinova.

The exhibition was open from Saturday January 13th till Sunday February 4th.

Kantcho Kanev Photowork by Radina Overview (photos by Radina Dankova)

Impressions of the opening and of the exhibited works of art are shown on the Facebook page of STOEP.

On January 23, 2018 a special event was organised: an evening with dicsussion on the theme 'Bulgaria's European Journey'. More information in a summary of the lectures and the discussion and in an article from the Bulgarian daily Sega.
The complete text of Ms. Andreeva's lecture is on this page.

Picture of 'Ne me quitte pas'Exposition Rada Yakova

At Venduehuis, Nobelstraat 5, The Hague, Rada Yakova had her first solo exposition in The Netherlands. The title was 'Prelude to a kiss'. It runned in November and early December 2017.
More information on Rada Yakova is on her website.


At the important archeological site of Perperikon, a 2nd century CE drinking water collection tank was found, Sofia Globe reports.

Jan Buruma comments modern developments through the eyes of Vassil Levski

The Dutch publicist Jan Buruma comments developments in Europe. He is also an expert on Bulgarian culture and history. On his website, he ends his articles with an answer to the question: What would have been Vassil Levski's opninion on this.
His articles can be read on his website.

Europe: our common past and our common future!

'We do not take into account either our distant or our recent past. Our dream of Europe is disappearing!'
Interview (Bulgarian) with the Bulgarian writer Georgi Gospodinov, guest at the CrossingBorder festival in The Hague in 2015, on the importance of peaceful and wise Europe - for us and our children.
Sega Daily, Sofia

Love for flowers

Bulgaria has been famous as the 'land of the roses' for many centuries, but Bulgarians cherish huge admiration for the Dutch tulips and the enormous variety of flowers in The Netherlands. The article in Sega Daily, Sofia, describes the biggest spring garden in Europe 'Keukenhof' (Bulgarian, page 1 ,page 2).

Icon painting in The Netherlands

Martin Mandaliev lives in The Hague. For many years he has given courses in icon painting. Tsveta Velinova wrote an article on him (Bulgarian, page 1 ,page 2) in Sega.

Traffic in Bulgaria and The Netherlands

Problems with transportation and traffic have the same impact in all countries. Exchange of experience often brings new ideas to all parties concerned. Tsveta Velinova wrote an article on this subject and on the offspring in other contacts (Bulgarian, page 1 ,page 2) in Sega.


Europe's oldest prehistoric town unearthed in Bulgaria, BBC tells us.

Dutch writer translates Bulgarian literature

We present the Dutch writer, journalist and translator from Bulgarian (among others De Wetten van de Melancholie - The Physics of Sorrow - by Georgi Gospodinov) Heleen Kooijman to the Bulgarian public in this article from Sega. Heleen has written the book 'In Bulgarije' and is married to a Bulgarian.

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