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STOEP: our mission

STOEP's activities focus on projects facilitating the transition period of the new and future EU member states. These will include cultural, environmental, socio-economic, spatial and public administration initiatives which will help cohesion between old and new member states.

painting by Rada Yakova The European Voyage: Exposition of modern Bulgarian art in Pulchri Studio

During the first half of 2018, Bulgaria chairs the EU for the first time. To this occasion Pulchri Studio in The Hague, in cooperation with the Association Netherlands - Bulgaria and the Foundation for Eastern European Projects (STOEP), organises an exhibition of Bulgarian artists. During the three weeks of the exposition some events will be organised, including an evening with discussion on the theme Europe and the role of Bulgaria in it.

The exposition has ended now. On the News page you can find a summary of the discussion evening at January 23rd.

(painting by Rada Yakova)

Picture of PhenixPhenix Varbanov in The Netherlands in 2018

The famous Chinese/Bulgarian artist Phenix Varbanov will visit The Netherlands in 2018. Three exhibitions are planned in different Dutch cities, among which Dordrecht and Delft. Soon we'll offer more information on a special part of this website.

Most of this site is in English, some articles may be published in Dutch or Bulgarian.
Last update: 5 February 2018.

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