Bulgarian artists

In this section we introduce Bulgarian artists, whose work has a relation with STOEP.

Radina Dankova

Radina Dankova is educated in visual arts. She studied in Sofia (BG) en Tilburg (NL).
Her curriculum vitae and a part of her portfolio give a good impression of her work.

Mariana Maneva

Mariana Maneva made the iconostasis of the chapel of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church in The Hague. She is getting her PhD degree from the Sofia Academy of Fine Arts in the autumn of 2017.
Iconostasis The Hague
More of her work can be seen on her portfolio.

Phénix Varbanov

Varbanov is a well known Bulgarian artist, who works with Chinese paper and ink. He'll visit The Netherlands in 2018 to work in Dordrecht for a few months. Krassimir Iliev, curator of the Sofia Art Gallery wrote a curriculum vitae (Dutch and Bulgarian).

Rada Yakova

Rada Yakova is a Holland based visual artist of Bulgarian origin. Examples of her work can be seen on her website.

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