Jan Fabre in Bulgarian language

Jan Fabre is a Belgian multidisciplinary artist, playwright, stage director, choreographer and designer. He was born in Antwerp in 1958.
Three volumes of his Nightbooks and one volume with fourteen of his theater texts have been translated in Bulgarian language by Tsveta Velinova.
The Bulgarian public will get to know one of the most versatile European artists. Besides the release of his books, there will be more opportunities to get acquainted with his work: exhibitions in Sofia and performances of some of his plays in the National Theatre in Sofia and other theatres and festivals.
More info on the author on his website.

Stefan Hertmans in Bulgarian language

Stefan Hertmans is a Flemish Belgian writer and poet, who has gained much acclaim in Belgium and The Netherlands.
In 2019 he was awarded the prestigious 'Constantijn Huygens'-prize, the highest award in literature in the Dutch and Flemish language.
His novel 'War and Turpentine' was on the longlist of The Man Booker Prize 2017. STOEP acts as mediator between his Dutch publisher 'De Bezige Bij' and the Bulgarian publisher 'Black Flamingo' in the preparation of a Bulgarian edition of some of his books.
More on the author on his website and our tab Literature.

His play 'Antigone in Molenbeek' has been published in the Bulgarian language, translated by Tsveta Velinova in 2018.
In 2019, the translation in Bulgarian of two more plays appeared: 'Kopnaad (Fontanel)' and 'Mind the Gap', also translated by Tsveta Velinova. The publication was supported by a gift from STOEP. The announcement and how to order the books can be read
here and here.
The complete cover, with some reviews, is shown here.

The Bulgarian weekly 'Literaturen Vestnik' published substantially on and by Stefan Hertmans in its issue of 27 June 2018 (in Bulgarian): the short story "Like the first day" from the novel in eight stories, bearing the same name (page 1 and 11), an interview with the author on page 10 and some reflection on literature and translating (page 3) by Tsveta Velinova.

Bulgarian teachers visit The Netherlands

From March 30 till April 5 2019, a group of teachers from the Little Prince and Exupéry schools in Varna visited The Netherlands.
Together with the Twinning Foundation Dordrecht Varna and the Quality Art Foundation, STOEP organises the visits to The Netherlands and the schools.
The goal of the visit was to acquire knowledge about the Dutch school programs. Special subjects are innovative methods to improve the effectivity of learning; creative activities; active participation on the process of learning by the pupils; how is learning made a habit.
The group visited over ten different schools in Dordrecht and Rotterdam, but also had the opportunity to visit the cities Dordrecht, Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam. With some schools the possibility of an exchange of teachers and students and futher cooperation will be looked into.

The visit in The Hague ended with a visit of the Bulgarian Embassy. The Ambassador, H.E. Mr. Rumen Alexandrov, had a vivid discussion with the teachers.

A report of the visit (in Bulgarian) can be found on the website of the school

More information on the schools in Varna can be found on their websites: www.thelittleprinceschool.com and www.exupery.net

Bulgarian writers in The Netherlands and vice versa

STOEP mediates to have the work of Bulgarian authors translated in Dutch and published in The Netherlands and also that of Dutch writers to be translated in Bulgarian and published in Bulgaria.

Cycling in Lovech

The city of Lovech in Bulgaria wants to improve the quality of riding bicycles in the municipality. STOEP is helping with the application for a EU-subsidy, both on the cycle technical part as on the procedures.

Contact and projects in Bulgaria and Romania

STOEP has many contacts in Bulgaria and with our sister organisation FNR in Romania. The foundations can act as mediator to initiate projects on infrastructure, governance, water management and agriculture.

Icon painting

This activity goes on, led by Martin Mandaliev.

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